Consulting for Academia and Biosciences

Dr. Jana Watson-Capps helps companies, universities and non-profits with strategic planning and coalition building within the interdisciplinary life sciences. She has experience and strengths in interdisciplinary science and education, academic-industry partnerships, strategic planning, large-team management, multi-stakeholder project leadership, communicating science, grant writing, fundraising, and building research communities.

Most recently, Jana spent over seven years at the University of Colorado BioFrontiers Institute, serving as Associate Director, Chief of Staff and Head of Strategy. There she worked with administrators, faculty, and students from across the university system and with external partners to develop and implement the institute's interdisciplinary programs and industrial partnerships. Before joining BioFrontiers, Jana taught in the Biology Department at Metro State College of Denver and worked as a project/development consultant in Denver. Jana received her Ph.D. in Biology from Georgetown University and her B.S. in Biological Sciences from Stanford University.

Jana was recently a visiting scholar at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research in Basel, Switzerland during the 2017/18 academic year. She is now based in Colorado and available to consult on new projects.


Watson-Capps, JJ (2022) Resume availabe here.

Watson-Capps, JJ (2021) "Grant Winning Practices" seminar for SBIR Week hosted by University of Colorado's Venture Partners. 12 Jan 2021. Slides availabe here.

Watson-Capps, JJ (2018) "Co-locating Academia and Industry: sharing of best practices from several co-located research communities and partnerships" Report from roundtable discussions held 30 April and 14 May 2018 at the Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel, Switzerland. Available here

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Watson-Capps, JJ (2016) “Shark Infested Waters” Story Collider Podcast, broadcast on podcast Oct 28th, downloaded over 69,000 times and available here.